4 Steps To Prepare a Vacant Home for Habitation

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A home may be uninhabited for several reasons, for instance it could be an off-season vacation home or a vacant house that is up for sale. For what ever reason, many homes can be left

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1. Have the Plumbing Inspected

Making sure that the water shut-offs and plumbing are sound and functional is of great priority. A licensed pluming technician should do a complete inspection, which will include pipes, all joints, valves, and faucets. Have the shower, tub and toilets inspected as well as any laundry plumbing. A big giveaway that there may be problems is the presence of water stains or mold in a ceiling or under a sink.

2. Get the Heating and Cooling Up and Running

There are many types of heating systems and each has its own pros and cons. Baseboard heaters should be checked for signs of overheating or smoke. A gas furnace should be checked for incidents of carbon monoxide and have the chimney vents cleaned. The gas company can usually perform a thorough check. Furnaces that use oil should be checked and the tanks filled with the reliable heating oil Sussex County NJ homeowners rely on. The heaters should be safety tested if they have been unused for a time.

3. Electrical Systems

Rodents and water can wreak havoc on wiring in a home that sits vacant for a while. A professional should inspect and repair any frayed wires and test any wire endings to make sure they are not live. Outlets and light switches need to be checked to make sure they are working correctly.

4. Rid the Place of Pests

Once the major systems are all working properly, the house should be inspected for pests. It is not uncommon for birds or even bats to take up residence in attics or chimneys. Lay traps for mice and spray for cockroaches. Have the crawlspace and basement checked an treated if termites are found.

Once all systems are go, so to speak, a good cleaning can have the place up and ready for moving in. Completing these inspections and repairs before a move-in will make life a lot more pleasant.