Don’t Let a Dirty Pool Ruin Your Summer

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Summer is upon us, and many people are looking forward to escaping the rays by jumping into that refreshing backyard pool. However, as most pool owners know, a pool isn’t all fun and games. Pool maintenance is an important part of owning one, and a poorly maintained pool is no fun for anyone. If you want to keep it in good swimming condition, there are some simple but important tips to follow.

Use the Pool Filter

A working and clean pool filter is a central part of all swimming pools and swim spas CT. The task of taking apart the filter and cleaning may seem arduous, but you shouldn’t need to do it often. On top of that, the more often you do clean the pool filter, the easier it will be.

Find the Right Chemistry

You and your pool need to have the right chemistry to have a nice swim. Specifically, the water must be checked periodically to ensure it is properly balanced. The important things to check in your pool are the pH levels, alkalinity levels, and calcium levels. These each have ranges, and if any are out of sorts, then not only will your filter get dirtier more quickly, but you will need to clean it more often. To avoid this, add some pH increaser or pH reducer, and alkalinity increaser.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Lastly, calcium buildup will happen no matter what. Ensuring your water is balanced will slow this down significantly. However, when it does happen, you will want the right tools to ensure you keep a clean pool. A good brushing tool and pumice stone are cheap and effective tools. Use a store-bought cleaner, or simply mix some vinegar and water as a liquid agent. By the end of the summer, you will be best friends with your cleaning tool!

Having a clean pool doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Having an organized and consistent cleaning regimen will ensure that your pool is in swimming condition all summer while also saving you time and money.