How To Organize Your Bathroom

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If you have a small bathroom and aren’t careful, you can easily end up with a chaotic mess. Therefore, it is important to get organized and stay that way. Read on for some tips and tricks.

Your Cabinets and Drawers

Most of the storage space in your bathroom is in the form of your cabinets and drawers, so make the most of them. Designate areas in your cabinets or drawers for storing toilet paper, cleaning products and cosmetics. Use see-through boxes or colorful baskets to separate items and keep them standing up neatly. Label your containers, too, so that you can grab what you need quickly. If you have a medicine cabinet, give each family member his or her own shelf (or half a shelf) to minimize clutter.

Your Linen Closet

Your linen closet provides a prime location for storing towels, toiletries, cosmetics and other necessities. Fold towels neatly and uniformly, and stack them by size so that you can fit more into a smaller area. Again, use see-through boxes or baskets, assigning one or two for each family member. You can provide smaller boxes or dividers to keep products separated and easy to find. Also, invest in jars for cosmetic products so that they stay fresh and accessible.

Extra Shelving

If your bathroom is large enough, you might add some extra shelving for more storage. There are shelving units built to fit over your toilet, for instance, and these can hold everything from towels to soaps to shampoo. You might also hang up some floating shelves to make better use of your vertical space.

Too Many Products

Finally, if you are really struggling with having enough space for all your bathroom supplies, then perhaps you have too many products. Ask yourself if you really need and use everything you are trying to store in your bathroom. If not, get rid of some items. Alternately, transfer some to another closet or storage space.

Your bathroom does not have to be a cluttered mess. In fact, an organized bathroom can make your life easier.