Your Unfinished Basement – a Blank Canvas

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Few things are as inspiring as a blank canvas. With a blank canvas, all possibilities are open, and you can let your creative juices take you wherever you want to go. An unfinished basement is the blank canvas of your home. It’s not purposed for anything else, so you can do whatever you want with it. Here are some untraditional ideas for renovating your basement.

Spa Room

Who doesn’t love going to the spa? Who doesn’t enjoy getting pampered with a day of rest and relaxation? How amazing would it be if you could just go to your basement for some pampering? Adding a spa room to your basement, while an involved project, will create an amazing space you can enjoy whenever you want. Add some bamboo or pebble flooring, a sauna and a rain shower. Add some candles and some soft decorations and you’re set. Seek out professional basement renovations Hinsdale IL companies.

Yoga Room

Instead of the go-to exercise room most people install, why not build a yoga room? Start with some calm-colored walls and good lighting. Next, add some floor-to-ceiling mirrors and exercise mats. Find some light weights and a good Bluetooth speaker and you’re set. Now whenever you’re ready to relax while getting a good workout, you can just go downstairs to your basement yoga room.

Craft Room

Many homeowners go for a home theater room but what if crafting is your thing. A craft room is a great idea for those creative and artistic folks. Good lighting is a must for this type of room. Whatever type of crafting you’re into, whether sewing, quilting or scrapbooking, a good table will be needed. A solid storage solution is also essential. This can store your fabric, or threads, or scrapbooking paper or other tools and supplies.

As you prepare to renovate your unfinished basement, consider these untraditional ideas and enjoy the new space you create in your home.