Various individuals describe what their dream home could be like, what it might have and where it will be.

Can someone please assist me with deciphering my dream. In my dream I used to be pregnant and somehow a snake bought inside me and was in my stomach with my unborn youngster. I went to the lavatory and sat down to pee and the snake came out so I obtained off the toilet and the snake lunged at me. After me and my mom killed the snake and reduce the snake into little items. Any individual please help me interpret this.

I have found your lovely website and have solely had a fast look so far. That is just a bit be aware concerning the Stockholm chimney. I bought my Lundby De Luxe because it was then new earlier than Christmas 1979, for my five-yr-old, and do not forget that the chimney came loose with the home, simply with the standard sticky patch. I still have the home which began my passion. Best regards, Joy.

Hello I’ve been having this recurring dream of my husband dishonest on me again and final night time I had a dream within a dream and God instructed me my husband was dishonest on me again.I do have to say when I say cheat on me again it means my husband really did cheat on me three years in the past when I used to be pregnant with our third you please assist me determine why I maintain having a dream about him cheating on me I get up from these goals I am always in tears and in a nasty temper towards my husband all day.Please help.

Yes, and not solely do I dream about myself but I also know when another person is pregnant as well. Everytime I’ve being pregnant dreams either myself or someone else that’s family, mates or somebody I do know or was close with or mates of friends at all times finally ends up pregnant. Let’s simply say that when I have any kind of pregnancy desires I will discover out within a minimum of a month or less that someone I do know is pregnant. My household and I call it a present from God.

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