Interesting Repurposed Spaces

Adaptive reuse refers to repurposing a space for something other than its original design. This is frequently seen in urban areas where charter schools often repurpose defunct shopping centers for schools. The charter school comes to where the students are and saves money by not building a school from the ground up. There are many other examples of adaptive reuse spread across the United States.

Library at the new Hotel Emma in San Antonio designed by Roman and ...

Hotel Emma

The luxury Hotel Emma in San Antonio, Texas was once a brewery built in 1884. The brewery bottled beer (and juice during Prohibition) until 2001 when it finally shut down.  Thanks to a local investment firm with vision and some excellent architectural planning services, the building was repurposed into a unique 146-room hotel on the San Antonio Riverwalk. Many details of the original space can still be seen by visitors and guests including a giant ammonia compressor in the lobby and fermenting …

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Keeping Your Car Looking Pristine

Even though most people just spend short bursts of time in their vehicles, most of the cars on the road aren’t as clean as they should be. Taking it to a hands-free car wash is convenient, but it doesn’t do the best job of removing grime and gunk that has gotten built on. If you are tired of the dull shine on your car, you could use a thorough detailing.

The Dirt on Detailing

Washing a car isn’t enough. It is a limited removal of contaminants from the paint, and over time, it removes the protective wax layers and clear coats. Washing doesn’t protect your paint, which when ignored, becomes more vulnerable to debris and natural contaminants. However, a detailing also takes care of the car’s interior. When you put some time into the interior, such as investing in a deodorize car ventilation system Quakertown PA companies can offer, you …

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