3 Best Curb Appeal-Enhancing Projects To Start This Summer

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Feeling as if the exterior of your home could use a makeover this summer? Here are three tried and true curb appeal-enhancing projects that are ideal to start during the sunny summer months.

1. Update Your Driveway

Remember that your driveway takes up a significant portion of your property – it only makes sense that if your driveway isn’t looking great, your home won’t look so great, either. Patches and repairs can only go so far, and it may be best to replace your driveway entirely. Concrete driveways are the norm. Instead, choose a more durable and attractive material. Professional installers of asphalt South Bend IN will pour you a driveway that will withstand the outdoor elements, as well as hide any unsightly stains that may occur from regular use.

2. Install Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can highlight unique features of your home’s façade and landscaping. This summer, install spotlights throughout the yard to showcase interesting natural elements like trees and floral groupings. Downlighting fixtures such as recessed lighting and sconces are recommended to bathe exterior walls in warm light, making your home instantly look more inviting.

3. Maintain Your Lawn

Don’t think that proper lawn care only consists of mowing and watering. If you’re trying to get your home to look its best this summer, you’ll need to put in a little extra effort into making sure your lawn is healthy and green. Use a half-moon edger to keep edges tidy where they meet areas of pavement. Perform aeration early in the summer to create new drainage channels. You’ll be surprised at how dense your grass will look, even in areas that experience heavy use.

Realize your home’s true potential by taking on these renovation projects. Make these improvements and you’ll see how simple and easy it is to add lasting curb appeal to your home!