3 Reasons You Need To Control Dust in the Desert

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If you live in the desert you know that dust storms can be catestrophic. Individally, dust isn’t a big deal. In storms however, dust can travel at great speeds. This is when you see damage due to dust. Dust traveling at high speeds can cause disease, rip paint off cars, and damage the environment. 

Personal Health

Dust is the cause of many kinds of health problems. If dust gets into your lungs or throat, it can cause you to cough until the dust works its way out of your body. However, dust can cause many other problems. During dust storms, asthmatics must stay inside. They are likely to have an asthma attack if exposed to too much dust in the air. Another reason you need dust control Southern California specifically is due to Valley Fever. Caused by fungus in the dirt, when you inhale it you get very sick. Limiting your exposure to dirt and dust is the only way to prevent Valley Fever.

Vehicle Safety

Extreme dust storms are also bad for your vehicles. Not only can dust make it difficult to see roads when driving, it also causes damage to your vehicle. Too much dust in your air filters can clog up your engine. Dirt traveling at fast speeds can also eat away at your car’s paint.

Environmental Protection

Even in the desert, it’s not normal to have huge dust storms. These are manmade. Much of the dust in the United States is due to human interference. Cutting down trees for golf courses or housing developments creates areas where the dust is free. Trees, bushes, cacti, and their roots act as a natural dust control. Without these plants, dust and dirt are free to pollute the little water avaliable.

Dust is a much bigger problem than many people realize. Do your part to help cut down on the dust pollution in your area.