3 Signs You Should Call a Plumber

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When you own a home, it seems like there is always something going wrong. Even if you are handy and ready to take on some home repairs, there are times when it makes more sense to call in a professional. Fo many people, issues with plumbing are those times. Leaving a plumbing issue unchecked can lead to serious trouble -and possibly expensive repairs- down the road. If you notice any of these signs, it is probably time to call in a plumber for proper repairs. 

1. You Smell Gas Inside Your Home

This is not an area where you want to wait to see what happens. If you smell gas in your home, turn off the main supply, open up windows and leave the building. Once you report the leak, call a plumber to address the problem. 

2. There Are Lush Green Patches on the Lawn

While you may be hoping for thick, lush grass, if there is a noticeable patch of dark green in an otherwise struggling lawn, it could be a sign of trouble. Leaks around septic systems and outflow pipes can lead to an overabundance of nutrients in the soil, causing patches of dark green grass. Septic tank services Springtown TX can help you find the problem and get it fixed before sewage starts backing up into your home. 

3. Your Sump Pump Isn’t Working

You have a sump pump for a reason. It keeps water from pooling in basements, crawlspaces or even within the main level of your home. You really don’t want to find out it isn’t running properly during a major storm. That is why you should check its operation every month or so. Listen for a clean flush of water out of the tank. If you have a battery backup system, check that too. Any sign that there may be trouble warrants a call to a professional to get it fixed. 

Not all plumbing issues are dripping faucets or clogged toilets. Know what to look for and call in a professional when you spot the signs of a serious problem.