3 Tips for Cleaning Up Your Backyard

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Your backyard should be an oasis, a place your whole family can enjoy for barbecues, lawn games and quiet nights watching the stars. If your yard isn’t as welcoming as you could hope for, follow these tips for cleaning up your property and making it into a more inviting space.

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1. Clear Away Debris

It can be all too easy to let a pile build up in your backyard. Perhaps there are some leftover boards from when you refurbished your deck, or maybe the old stump never got removed when you took down that dying tree. Start your project by clearing up these eyesores. Dump old construction materials in front load dumpsters Florida and consider calling a tree service to ground down that rotting stump.

2. Protect the Grass

While you work on your yard, you want to avoid damaging the lawn. Lay down plywood planks before you start disassembling an old wall or abandoned shed to catch the debris. If you have to move heavy items or displace some dirt, planks can prevent wheelbarrow treadmarks from digging up your sod. If you do damage some of the grass, you can reseed the bare patch by raking and then spreading seeds.

3. Clean Up the Pathways

Over time your concrete walkway may have become increasingly overgrown with lichen, moss, and weeds coming up between the cracks. To clean the path without hurting the grass around it, you can use an environmentally friendly solution of dishwashing soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Apply this mixture and scrub the surface with a stiff-bristled broom. Diluted vinegar can be used to clean rust stains and kill weeds, but the acid can also damage concrete, so use it carefully.

Once you have cleared up your yard, you may realize you had more space than you realized. Bring out the lawn chairs and enjoy your refreshed property!