4 Things You Should Know About Electricity

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Though it was a rare commodity as recently as 100 years ago, electricity now pervades nearly every aspect of modern life. For many people, though, electricity is probably still a little bit of mystery. With its ability to give off shocks, this energy source is also something that requires a bit of caution. The following information is meant to contribute to everyone’s knowledge of electricity.

1. It Is Indispensable

For most people, electricity is everywhere. They use it every day and nearly every moment. It operates the lights they read by, the refrigerator they use to keep food fresh and the television upon which they watch the news. When something goes awry, they reach out for professional help by calling an electrical technician Menifee. An experienced electrician will arrive at your home or business and get the energy flowing in short order.

2. It Is Found in Nature

No one invented electricity. It occurs in nature in situations such as lightning storms. Debate still exists as to when humankind discovered electricity. The ancients Greeks were probably aware of electricity over 2,000 years ago, and the Roman civilization may have created rudimentary batteries. In 1752, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite in an electrical storm; this led to efforts to harness electricity for various purposes.

3. It is Fast

While the speed of light is impossible to beat, the speed of electricity is up there as well. It travels at 6,696,000 miles per hour. When you turn on an electrical appliance, it basically begins to work instantaneously.

4. It Runs Your Heart

The human heart will not function properly without electrical currents regulating the function of the organ. The contraction of heart muscles operates on electrical currents. For this reason, many of the medical devices that aid in heart recovery measures the electrical features of the heart. These include the much-used electrocardiogram.