4 Ways To Protect Your Home From Flood Damage

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Approximately 6 million American homes are in designated flood zones. These dwellings are at risk of flooding from nearby bodies of water. However, natural disasters don’t cause all flood damage. Improper maintenance in a house can wreak havoc too.

Whatever the cause, flooding in the home can lead to major issues. Disaster recovery Albuquerque NM involves clean-up of water damage, essential in preventing mold growth and protecting your home’s structural integrity. To avoid reaching that point, take these four precautions.

1. Ensure Pipe Connections Are Tight

Separated pipe joints are a leading cause of water damage inside homes. The vibrations caused by garbage disposals and washing machines shake pipes apart, spilling water onto floors and cabinets. Make it a routine to check these pipes to ensure they are secure.

2. Prevent Freezing Water in Irrigation Lines

Frigid weather can cause water to expand and crack outdoor pipes. If you live in an area with cold winters, consider having the water blown out of your sprinkler lines in the fall. It is also good to wrap any exposed pipes with insulation.

3. Keep Your Roof in Good Condition

Damaged shingles allow water to seep in through your roof. This damages layers of sheetrock and plywood within your house. Have your roof inspected twice a year, and immediately act upon any noticeable water stains on your ceiling or walls.

4. Watch What You Flush Down the Toilet

Sewage pipes get clogged when large amounts of toilet paper or other paper products get flushed. Damage can be as simple as water spilling out from an overflowing toilet or as bad as a pipe bursting in a wall from being completely blocked with debris. Encourage all family members to use small amounts of toilet paper and only flush water-soluble materials.

You cannot always prevent damage to your house from natural disasters, but you can protect against everyday water problems. Monitor the water systems in your home, and perform any necessary maintenance. These actions can go a long way in keeping your home safe from flood damage.