5 Reasons To Get a New Water Heater

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It is easy to take hot running water from your faucets for granted until you don’t have any. However, that is the predicament you could find yourself in if the water heater goes out. Here are some signs that your water heater needs replacing. 

1. You Don’t Know Its Age

Even if you aren’t experiencing any problems, you may want to call a water heater company San Francisco CA for a replacement if you don’t know how old it is. This may be the case if the previous owner didn’t provide any documentation when you bought the house. Water heaters should be replaced after 10 years. 

2. The Water Heater Is Leaking

As the water heater goes through multiple heating cycles, the metal components in the tank can expand. Repeated expansion can cause fractures that allow water to leak out. A leaking water heater can lead to further property damage that could be significant. 

3. The Water Appears Dirty

Sediment can build up in the tank of a water heater, causing it to appear rusty, cloudy, or sandy. However, if both the hot and cold water appear discolored, it may not be a problem with the water heater but with the pipes. 

4. The Water Heater Makes Weird Noises

Sediment buildup may cause the water heater to make strange rumbling noises. It may be possible to correct the problem by draining the tank and removing the sediment, or it may need to be replaced. 

5. You Aren’t Getting Any Hot Water

If the water is running cold, it may mean that the water heater needs to be repaired or replaced altogether. Pay attention to your heating bills; if you’re paying more for heat and yet the water stays cold, that indicates that something may be wrong inside the water heater itself. 

It pays to be proactive at diagnosing problems with the water heater and having them addressed. Most of these problems are unlikely to get better on their own.