5 Yearly Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Forget

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Every spring and fall, you will find millions of homeowners worldwide working on getting their homes ready for the upcoming season. Whether it is planting, painting, or tending, there is always something to do in the yard, which may be why home maintenance chores are sometimes neglected. Here are five tasks you should never forget.

1. Septic Tank

Yearly septic maintenance chores depend on the number of people that reside in your home. However, generally, the tank level should be checked, bacteria introduced, and the lid secured. If you have any questions or need your tank pumped, call a team about septic tank maintenance Orlando FL.

2. Gutters

The water that flows off your home can cause considerable damage to building’s foundation if allowed to fall next to the house. Protect your home by adjusting the downspout to move the water away from the building and ensuring all gutters are secure.

3. Trees

Trees can become massive and extend their canopies over your home allowing pests to use the branches as a ladder onto your roof. To keep pests such as squirrels, rats, raccoons, and opossums from nesting in your attic, cut the trees back.

4. Fences

Even if you installed the best composite or vinyl fence available, dirt and grime still need to be removed every year. A company can remove mildew, moss, and pests from your fence in a few hours. Remember to have the company also use a UV preventative coating and sealer every year or two.

5. Gardens

Gardens die with the seasons and need to be replanted. Removing the dead brush and shrubs from around your home is critical to keeping pests such as mice, wasps, and spiders from living in them. The dead growth can also invite ants into your home.

Home maintenance may not be exciting, but it is necessary. Knowing your home is safe and secure is worth the effort.