Cleaning Up After Chernobyl

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Taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, but there are some companies that do a better job of dealing with more difficult waste products than individuals every could. This is because some of the most damaging materials to the environment are equally damaging to humans. While the remediation services Boston MA companies provide are focused on cleaning hazardous waste from situations ranging from demolition and excavation to things like soil stabilization or groundwater treatments, more extensive remediation services include the Chernobyl cleanup initiatives.

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Moving Past a Nuclear Incident

The tragedy of the 1986 core reactor explosion and fire at Chernobyl’s nuclear site was the worst radioactive disaster in history. The plume of smoke that rose high above the blast site was filled with radioactive materials, making it necessary to evacuate over 300,000 people from the surrounding areas. Despite being covered in a concrete and steel tomb within a few weeks of the event, an extensive remediation plan was designed to help reduce the lasting impact of nuclear waste on the environment.

Bringing in Help

The contamination levels at the Chernobyl site are still unsafe for the cleanup crews tasked with remediating the nuclear site. Although personal protective equipment designed to withstand radiation is helpful, technology has provided another solution for the cleanup process. The innovations to the computer-controlled RoboCranehave made it possible to maneuver massive loads and assist with cleanup entirely remotely and with the trusses and apparatus suspended overhead. The company which produced the RoboCrane has also designed other tools for use at Chernobyl, such as a drill. Robotic arm, vacuum system, and jackhammer. Its primary purpose is to dismantle the existing sarcophagus cover and move on to the actual debris from the initial explosion.

Remediation services are designed to protect both civilians and the environment. Whether through the use of manpower, heavy equipment, and robotic technology, preserving the universe for the next generation is a task of great importance.