Common Misconceptions About Going Green

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For every person who wants to lead a more ecologically friendly life, there is someone who doesn’t really know what that means. Here are a few common misconceptions about how best to be kind to the planet:

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You Have to Be Off Grid to Use Solar Energy

Some people believe that getting solar power means being totally reliant on the sun: like if there’s a cloudy day you won’t be able to turn on your television. This is not the case at all. In fact, when you’re looking at solar panel installation New Jersey or your area, remember that you will certainly be able to stay hooked in to your current power company. The solar power will supplement your current power and reduce the amount you need to buy from your power company. In fact, if your solar panels are effective enough, you may be able to sell excess energy back to them.

Electric Cars are Slower

Everyone knows that electric cars use less gas, but there is a pervasive rumor that they are also less powerful. There is this sense that when you push down on the pedal in an electric car, you simple won’t get the same kick of power that you get from a gas-powered car. This is not necessarily true. Many electric cars have just as much power as combustion engine cars, although they are generally much quieter. It is worth noting that having no car at all and using public transport instead is always going to be the most ecologically friendly option.

Non GMO is Eco Friendly

Misconceptions about going green go both ways. Keep in mind that when food says it’s non GMO, that means nothing about what farming techniques were used to raise it. A Non GMO crop can still be grown with chemical fertilizers or treated with non-eco friendly pesticides.