Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer – Common Misconceptions

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A misconception about hiring a car accident lawyer is that you must rely on a company to handle your claim. You must not fall prey to this misconception. This article will explain why hiring a car accident attorney is important for your claim and address the misconceptions surrounding this service. Listed below are some of the common misconceptions regarding hiring a car accident lawyer. Hopefully, you will feel better about hiring a lawyer and will think twice about hiring one.

Relying on the company to handle your claim

When it comes to negotiating a settlement for your car accident claim, relying on the insurance company to handle the process is a very bad idea. Insurance companies often use dirty tricks to try and pressure accident victims into accepting pennies on the dollar. They may try to trick you into signing a release and medical authorization forms, letting an insurance adjuster record your conversation, or accepting the first offer they make. By giving in to these tricks, you give up your right to receive a higher settlement offer.

Cost of hiring a car accident lawyer

The cost of hiring a car accident attorney is highly dependent on the firm you hire. While most car crash attorneys do not charge up-front fees, they work on a contingency basis and won’t charge you unless you win compensation. These lawyers work on your behalf to achieve the best outcome for your case, putting your interests first and working together as a team. Read on to learn more about the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer.

One of the major benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer is the contingency fee model. This means that they will only be paid if you win a settlement or jury award. As such, they will charge a percentage of the money they recover from the defendant. If you win, you will need to sign a contract with your attorney outlining the terms of the work and the percentage you’ll pay as fees.

Inability to collect pain and suffering damages

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A car accident lawyer’s inability to collect pain and suffering damages can mean the difference between collecting a maximum award and being left with nothing at all. While medical bills and lost wages can be calculated to the penny, pain and suffering is not so easily quantified. Pain and suffering damages are determined by a jury’s opinion and the subjective feelings of the person who suffered the injuries. This makes the award much more difficult to prove and is not a typical part of the compensation awarded in a car accident case.

While physical pain and suffering are the most tangible losses of a car accident, noneconomic losses can be just as significant. Many people suffer from mental and emotional distress that cannot be quantified with monetary compensation. Fortunately, most states recognize that pain and suffering damages are a legitimate part of the compensation for car accident victims, which means they can be claimed even if their injuries don’t cost the other party anything.