How to Update Your Entertainment Setup

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If your entertainment setup is getting a bit outdated, never fear – there are loads of accessories that can be bought to help upgrade your setup overnight. Not only that, most of these accessories are affordable, convenient and extremely easy to set up and use. Here are some of the areas (and items) that can be improved to create an amazing entertainment setup.

Connect Your Devices

Today, the idea of having to unplug and plugin new devices every time you want to watch or play something different is ridiculous. If you’re still manually changing out devices, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. There are tons of accessories that can quickly and simply resolve the issue. For instance, if you’re still rocking some retro devices like the NES or an old VCR, then you might look into RF power dividers to help connect without the hassle of spinning the connectors off and on every time. Or if you have an HDTV with multiple HDMI inputs, then buy multiple HDMI cords so you can keep all of your streaming and gaming devices plugged in simultaneously. Lastly, you might look into a universal remote so you can control your tv, cable and streaming devices without having to remember where all 50 remotes are.

Upgrade Your Sound

Great picture is one thing, but if you’re still running your sound out of your TV speakers, then it’s time for an upgrade. While you can go hog wild and go buy a 9 point surround system with front, rear, side and back speakers, you can save a lot of money by going with a high end soundbar. Soundbars contain multiple speakers in one and put out superior sound. Not only that, many of them are wireless, which makes them the perfect fit for a minimalist setup since they can be placed anywhere.