Places to Stay on a Budget

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Whether you are traveling for work or for leisure, you may come to a time where you need to find a place to stay for a while. If you need to pay for the lodging yourself and you are on a budget or you are just looking for a way to save some money, there are options available that are oftentimes cheaper than a regular hotel. Here are some of the choices you might look at.


This form of finding a place to stay is increasing in popularity. You can find a room to rent or a whole house. Depending on the availability, you can even stay for months at a time if need be. Check out the options to see what is available to you.

Short-Term Housing

Many places offer housing with the idea that you won’t be staying there for very long. Look for furnished short term housing where you are going to be staying to see if anything is available. You may be surprised to see what you are able to find.


Hostels are different from hotels in that they mainly just offer a place to sleep. Bathrooms and common areas are usually communal. While hostels are not very common in the west, they are especially popular lodging options in parts of Asia. They offer very competitive rates compared to hotels, and oftentimes you are able to meet other travelers while you are there. Just don’t forget your towel, as towels and toiletries are typically not provided by the hostel.

Short or longer-term housing options are definitely out there no matter what your situation is. By looking at all of your options, you can cut out unnecessary costs that you would otherwise spend on an expensive hotel. This will give you some extra cash to explore the area you are going to be staying in.