Reasons You Need Your Air Conditioning Serviced Yearly

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Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. There is no doubt life manages to keep your schedule full, which can mean your annual HVAC cleaning is put on the back burner. Here are a few reasons that may encourage you to get the contractor out to your house every year.

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1. Your Unit Isn’t Working Properly

If you have not gotten your air conditioning checked out recently, there is a good chance there is built-up dirt and grime that are prohibiting your unit from working correctly. Your system can lose up to 5% of its operating efficiency every year if it is not getting the proper care and cleaning it needs. Not to mention, your system is trapping dirt and allergens that can quickly be taken care of by commercial hvac contractors minneapolis mn. This way, you are avoiding allergies at all costs- until you go outside!    

2. Save Money on Your Electric Bill

An HVAC that has not been reconditioned yearly is using an excessive amount of energy to make up for not heating and cooling as it should. With as expensive as your average electric bill is, hiring a professional is a great way to lower that expense.

3. Avoid Paying For a New Unit

Your system is much more likely to fail if you are not maintaining it every year. Who doesn’t want to steer clear of having to pay thousands for a new unit, if at all possible? To put it in perspective, you could go on a nice vacation with the money you would spend on an HVAC system.

Everyone has better things to do than be home for a service call, but the drawbacks to not having it done are costly. Your hard-earned money is much better spent on something more rewarding!