The Right Tool for the Job

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Have you ever been hard at work on a project and discovered you didn’t have the right tool to complete a crucial step? This situation can be extremely frustrating. Having the right tool at hand is important for several reasons, and here’s a short explanation of some of them.

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There is a certain ineffable satisfaction in having exactly the right tool for the circumstance. This isn’t to say that you have to own every tool known to man, but it does take some planning when you start a project. It also helps to have a basic arsenal of common tools. However, what if you don’t have the tool you need, and you can’t find anything like it anywhere? Most people never think about tool design, but if you have an idea for a brand-new tool that can help people do something better, there are resources that can help you design and get it into production. You might even make some profit selling it!


Having the right tool saves time. For example, if you don’t have a flat-blade screwdriver at hand, you could possibly substitute a penny, but it would take much more time and effort to do the job than if you had the screwdriver. For difficult jobs like car repair or remodeling, the time factor increases ten-fold. Imagine trying to knock down a wall without a sledgehammer, and you’ll get the idea.


The most important factor is, of course, safety. In some instances, it may be okay to substitute a similar tool for one you don’t possess, but the greater the difference between the tools, the more likelihood there is for injury. This is especially true when using power tools or an object that was never meant to be a tool in the first place.

Great tools are one of life’s joys and help modern living go more smoothly. Use all your tools wisely, and you can accomplish projects that will give you satisfaction and enjoyment.