The Right Type of Ceiling for Home

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In addition to functioning as a barrier between the room and the roof, the ceiling can be used as a decorative element in a dwelling. Ceilings also have many important functions, for example to cover the roof truss, keep the temperature in the room from getting too hot, and create a good air circulation system. In addition, there are many types of ceilings that are also useful for hiding electrical wiring installations.

In order for the ceiling to carry out all its functions optimally, the right materials and installation processes are needed according to the procedure. A good ceiling installation will affect the atmosphere of the house and be able to determine the impression on the room.

Tray Ceiling Ceiling Type

As the name implies, the tray ceiling type resembles a large tray that is upside down and mounted on the ceiling. The center of this ceiling looks higher than the sides. This raised part can be rectangular or polygonal.
This type of ceiling is able to give the impression of spaciousness in a narrow room and add detail to a large room. To make the tray ceiling look more beautiful and beautiful, you can install lights on the raised ceiling to create a three-dimensional effect.

Types of Coffered Ceiling Ceiling

Next is the ceiling shaped like a panel or grid. This type of ceiling can be made of wood, glass, mirror, or metal boards. Usually, classic-style houses use this type of ceiling to give the impression of luxury. You can place a chandelier or chandelier in the center of this ceiling. You can use chandelier and downlight lighting effects to combine traditional and modern impressions on the ceiling.

Ceiling Type with Exposed Roof Frame

In this ceiling model, the wooden or steel beams on the roof frame are left visible. This type of ceiling deliberately exposes the roof frame by highlighting the structure of the roof truss. This will provide a unique accent so that it is suitable to be applied to a rustic or industrial style house.

Transparent Ceiling

This type of ceiling is usually applied to a semi-open room to maximize sunlight as natural lighting during the day while giving a modern and stylish impression. Generally, transparent ceilings are made of super thick and strong glass so that sunlight can freely enter.