Things to Consider in Getting Boat Furniture for Outdoor Living

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There are several factors to consider when purchasing boat furniture for your outdoor living space. Some of these include the size of your area, the type of materials that you will be using, and the cushions and accent pillows you will be getting.

Cushions and accent pillows

When you search boat furniture outdoor living there are a few things to keep in mind, selecting cushions and accent pillows resistant to the elements is essential. These are often made of synthetic thread fabrics infused with plastic to protect against the climate. Some of these materials are waterproof, while others are breathable.

The best option is Sunbrella fabric, a durable fabric that does not stain. It comes in a range of colors and styles. This fabric is also UV-resistant and resistant to chlorine, making it ideal for outdoor use. You can buy marine vinyl, Phifertex mesh, and Ultrasuede to create cushion covers.

For added flair, consider adding piping to your cushions. Piping is a thin border sewn into the cushion cover to give it a unique look.

Teak wood

Teak wood is a durable material that will last you for years. It can withstand harsh weather conditions without breaking down. It makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. Besides, it has a very stylish look and feels to it.

Teak is also very easy to clean. You can wipe down your teak with a soft cloth, soap, and water to keep it looking new.

Teak is resistant to cracking, rotting, and warping, unlike other woods. Also, it is water-resistant. With a bit of care and maintenance, it can last for decades.

Buying excellent furniture is the greatest method to safeguard your investment. Choose a manufacturer that uses mortise, tenon joinery, and other high-end materials for the best results.

Teakwood is used for flooring, park furniture, and ship decks. The material is solid and durable and is resistant to rot, mildew, and cracking.


Aluminum is an excellent material for outdoor living. Compared to other materials, aluminum is lightweight, durable, and relatively easy to care for. It is also a conductor of UV light and will protect your furniture from damage.

Aside from its durability, aluminum also offers good value. You can find a wide range of furniture in aluminum, from sofas to cabanas. In addition, the material is water-resistant and can resist rust.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing aluminum is the color of the powder coating. Powder coating is better than paint because it adheres to the metal more easily.

Unlike other materials, aluminum doesn’t rust in the damp or salty air. The material is also resistant to moisture and heat.

Aluminum is one of the least expensive types of frame material. Its most popular usage is in outdoor chairs.

Synthetic materials

Many manufacturers are introducing synthetic materials to the outdoor furniture industry. These materials are becoming more popular for both their aesthetic appeal and durability.

Synthetic materials are made from liquid chemical polymers that are forced through molds to create strands of fabric. They have many unique properties. Some are waterproof, flame-resistant, and stain-resistant. Depending on the type of fiber used, their individual properties vary.

Polyester is the most common synthetic fiber. It is easy to clean and stain-resistant. This material is also lightweight, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Polyethylene resin wicker is a good material for patio furnishings. Wicker is lightweight and robust. It is also weather-resistant, but it does fade quickly.