What is Remote Watching with DirectTV?

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After undergoing dish installation Louisville KY, it can be fun to play around with the new features at your disposal when it comes to enjoying television. One of the most popular features that now come with many dish providers is remote watching. Learn more about it below.

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What is Remote Watching?

Some dish and cable providers allow you to record shows, making it possible for you to watch them later. Digital video recording was first introduced in the late 1999s, eliminating the need for video tapes when you wanted to record a show or movie. Since then, digial recording has only gotten better, and remote watching adds a whole new dimension to the experience. 

Remote watching lets you watch the shows that you recorded on your TV at home wherever you are. After the recorded show airs, the file will go to the cloud, where you can access it wherever you have internet access. 

This is perfect for people who don’t want to stay up late to watch their favorite comedian perform live and would prefer to watch it on the trainride to work the next day. 

What Devices Allow Remote Watching?

Dish providers, like DirecTV, have developed their own apps that allow you to access your recordings wherever you go. These apps can be downloaded on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and you can even access your recordings on a friend’s or family member’s smart TV if they have or can download the appropriate app. 

This means that you can catch up on your favorite dramas while working out at the gym, or watch a new documentary at a coffee shop. 

In Conclusion

Remote watching is a fantastic feature that many people use to enjoy sports, movies, and tv shows on-the-go. You don’t have to miss out on watching your favorite shows or teams just because of other obligations, you can no watch them wherever and whenever you want.