Why choose a used container?

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You have a container project or you are looking for information? Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of the metal box. You want to buy a used shipping container and you have questions? That’s understandable. Choosing a container is not easy. Are you wondering what type of container to choose? What are the dimensions of the containers? Depending on your project and your needs there are important questions to ask. There are different types of containers at eveon containers. In this article we tell you everything there is to know about second hand containers and why should you prefer to buy a used container.

What is a second hand container?

A used container has been used between 10 and 15 years in the maritime transport and can still be used for many years more. The first trip container is a container that has been manufactured and has only been used one time for sea transport. The storage container can not be used in maritime transport. Qualitatively it does not have the robustness of the maritime container.

It is very important to understand that the container you are going to buy will never be totally new. Except for storage containers, which are not made for sea freight. These storage containers are not always certified for sea transport. The second hand container is cargo worthy, which means that it is completely overhauled to be ready for sea again. The cargo worthy designation guarantees the watertightness of the used container and also the proper opening and closing of the doors.

Advantages of a used container

The most important advantage of the second hand container is without any doubt the lower price per m2 than a hard construction container. Indeed, it is a container that has been used, that has traces of use and that has travelled around the world. But why should it be dropped? Because the container is made of corten steel, which is 10 times stronger than the standard steel used. It is often possible to find cheap used containers in Europe.

The used container is perfect for storage because its general condition inside and outside is good. The used container has a functional opening and closing system, the waterproofness is controlled and it meets the ISO maritime standards. Note that the used containers sold are all certified waterproof and checked by specialized teams.