Winter Weather Worries

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Winter is here, and it’s a long way from over. Cold brings its own stress and a lot of that stress is weather related. Here are just a few things to be aware of as the weather gets colder.


Perhaps the most dangerous side effect of winter weather is ice. Whether it’s making roads hazardously slippery to weighing down tree branches, ice can turn a winter wonderland downright deadly. Whether you’re worried about frozen branches falling or you need help deicing parking lots Washington or your area, ice is a problem that needs to be addressed. Make sure to have a way to deal with ice on your driveway and sidewalk, and be careful walking under overhanging branches after ice storms. 

Snow Loads

There’s nothing quite like the first snow of the season. Winter simply isn’t the same without snow to romp in. You can’t make snowmen, snow angels or snowballs without snow after all. However, when it builds up on your roof that can spell disaster. Particularly if you have a flat roof, be wary of snow loads. They can do serious damage to your roof if you aren’t careful. Check your roof from the inside periodically throughout the winter and have a plan for how to safely deal with the snow on your roof before it becomes a problem.


Even when the weather starts to warm, your troubles aren’t over. Snowmelt can infiltrate your basement and your roof. If you live near mountains and/or rivers, melting runoff can cause flooding. Keep an eye out for moisture in basements and attics, and have a plan to get water out of your house if it becomes necessary. 

You don’t want your holiday season ruined by weather stress. With just a little common sense, caution and preparation, you can keep yourself and your family safe from winter weather worries.