3 Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

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Summer is many people’s favorite season. It’s the perfect time to visit the beach, pools are open, and the pace of life is slower. However, summer also means unbearable heat for months at a time, particularly if you live in the South. Take these steps to ensure that you stay as cool as possible next summer.

1. Have Your Air Conditioning Inspected

Don’t wait until the first day the thermometer hits 90 to turn on your AC. Your system could be full of debris from its long period of disuse, which causes strange odors, malfunctions, and even fires. A few months before the heat begins, ask an air condition contracting company Fort Myers FL to inspect your entire heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Make this a yearly habit, since HVAC maintenance is much easier and cheaper if it happens regularly.

2. Hang Curtains in Front of Large Windows

Running your AC all day keeps the temperature low in your house, but you can’t completely counteract the sun. If you have windows that face west, you know how warm it gets when the sun sets. To keep the sun’s rays from superheating your home, hang curtains in front of large, westward windows. Use a dark color that absorbs heat and keeps your house cool.

3. Stay Hydrated

One of the easiest ways to feel hotter than you actually are is to become dehydrated. Your skin feels uncomfortable, your head hurts, and the sun is even more piercing than usual when you haven’t had enough to drink. Before summer begins, get in the habit of drinking at least eight cups of water a day, and drink even more during the warm months.

You can’t stop the weather from heating up during the summer, but you can change how you respond to it with these three steps.