3 Ways Your Carpets Can Harm Your Health

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How clean are your carpets? You may vacuum them frequently, but how often do you deep clean them? Carpets make the ideal environment for allergens, bacteria, mites and spores. If left to breed, they can cause serious harm to your family’s health. Here are three conditions you should watch out for.

3 Ways Dirty Carpets Can Harm Your Health |

Respiratory Problems

Mold thrives in unclean carpets. When left untreated, it attracts allergens — substances that can trigger allergies — which can affect your air quality Davie FL. Mold spores can be extremely harmful to your health, especially if you’re prone to respiratory issues. They cause flu-like symptoms and respiratory illness, while allergens can trigger asthma attacks. If your carpet is harboring dust mites too, they not only cause nasal irritation but can also get into the lungs and cause breathing issues.

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and athlete’s foot can often be brought on by bacteria and fungi that live in carpets. If you walk around barefoot at home, these unpleasant organisms can get into your skin through open wounds and blisters. These types of skin conditions have many symptoms and can impact on your long-term health and wellbeing.

Stomach Issues

Mycotoxins are unpleasant toxic compounds that live in dirty carpets. Their make-up consists of different types of molds, and they can cause stomach infection in both humans and animals. Salmonella is another potential watch out, although much rarer. Salmonella exists in animal droppings. If someone should walk it into your home, it can get caught in your carpet fibers and cause serious health problems.

Many people with severe allergies choose to remove carpets altogether and stick with wood or laminate flooring. But if you’re keen to keep your carpets, the best way to remove harmful toxins from them — and, in fact, any soft furnishings in your home — is to seek professional assistance.