4 Things To Add To Your Annual Home Cleaning List

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Some chores are hard to remember, mainly because they aren’t weekly occurrences. Annual cleaning projects usually cost money and occur when you want them to happen, making them a bit easier to put off or forget. These tasks, however, are essential in keeping the home looking pristine and in good condition. Make the time to complete the following four things.

Residential Window Cleaning

1. Wash the Windows

Pollen and dust buildup on window frames. One year of development ruins the shine and appearance of your place. Work with experts in residential window cleaning Irving TX to restore the look. This project isn’t only cosmetic. Lingering dirt could harm the glass and frame. When it remains in better function, homeowners tend to gain better insulation.

2. Pressure Wash Outside

Windows aren’t the only thing to take a beating from the yearly pollen flurry. The white vinyl fence and the driveway also incur a great deal of grime. Pressure washing may alleviate most of the contamination.

3. Clean Out the Dryer Vents

Each dryer run adds more lint to the system. While it should filter outside, it does develop within the lines. After a while, the lint thickens, clogging the pipes. This condition blocks the heated air from flowing correctly and is a fire hazard. Have a specialist clean the unit. You are likely to save on energy and reduce your fire risk.

4. Assess the Roof

Weather systems spring up randomly, and they can wreak havoc on a home’s roof. Heavy rain pounds down, harming the shingles. Minor hailstorms beat on the roofing, creating dents and holes. Left alone, these openings permit water to penetrate into the attic and crawlspace. Moisture such as this could lead to mold and mildew. Save time and hassle. Inspect this spot at least once a year, fixing any concerns as soon as possible.

Don’t put off the annual home projects. They are vital to creating a safe place to live.