Modern Industrial Interiors: Definition, Special Features, and Practical Tips

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Modern Industrial Interior Design: Definition & Home Decor

Modern industrial interior design is about balancing the appearance that looks raw and exposed to structural elements, with the elegant look of a stylish, modern phase.

In order to look different and unique, it takes a lot of courage. No exception about the choice of interior design style. To present something that looks different and “uncommon”, a unique choice of interior concept is required. Modern industrial interior design style is one of them.

Modern industrial is about the exploitation, -in a positive sense-, almost all the elements and elements of design that are usually not shown. Makes it look “edgy” in some people’s terms.

If in other interior concepts design elements and elements, especially the architectural structural elements of the building, are hidden, in modern industrial styles it is the opposite. It is exposed, shown, displayed, as it is.

What Is Modern Industrial?

Industrial is a matter of exposure. The structural elements of a building are showcased. Shows a semi-finished, unfinished look, but looks very cohesive and edgy.

The structural elements are turned into displays, into decorations themselves, achieving a seemingly unfinished, yet very cohesive look. These are the main and basic features of the unique appearance of industrial style interiors.

The industrial interior style itself was born from the need to convert an old building such as a factory or an old barn into a very conducive and comfortable residence or residence.

Designing such old buildings shows quite adequate technical and maybe even mechanical ingenuity.

Industrial interior design gives you the opportunity to pair and match raw structural materials with subtle, very sleek and modern looks with vintage accents that also feel strong.

And when combined with the distinctive elements of modern design, the industrial style looks even more attractive, especially visually. That is why, the modern idustrial interior design style is all about balancing the raw-looking appearance and the exposure of the structural elements of a building that blend perfectly with the elegant look of a stylish, modern phase. This gave birth to a unique, different, and very distinctive appearance.

Typical Industrial Design Style

If there is one characteristic that is very distinctive in the industrial design style, it is the roof or the ceiling.

The industrial-style interior is visually distinct from the ceiling. The open ceiling that shows the structural elements is a very prominent feature, and shows the appearance of a space that looks very attractive. This is common in this interior design style.

The plumbing in the ceiling exhibits a distinctive and unique visual dimension that is not seen in other interior concepts.

Modern Industrial Interior Design

Considering the interior of a house, apartment, office, or cafe, so that you can have an industrial-style look, you can start by understanding and recognizing what basic elements of industrial design are commonly used.

Modern industrial interior design has very different characteristics from most other interior styles. This interior style pairs “raw” materials with smooth, sleek, vintage, or even classic ones.

Furniture and accessories that are usually used usually have a rough surface, made of metal and / or natural wood.

Launching a design show, industrial design elements can look very vintage, and will look really good when balanced with modern fixtures.

As seen in the kitchen interior above. The combination of a vintage iron table, with contemporary countertops, as well as a selection of chandeliers and distinctive track lights, is able to show the taste of an eclectic interior that is unique and classy.

In essence, to achieve the appearance of a modern industrial-style interior, it is important to combine old and new elements. But that does not mean just juxtaposing and blending at will. We must understand very well the characteristics that characterize each style.

Blending industrial with modern styles, is the best way to achieve a very special room appearance.

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