Save Your Pets From Yard Pests

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Yard pests can be terrible nuisances to battle. No matter how hard to fight them, they always come back. Here are the three most common irritating yard pests you can protect your pets from.

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As the most common of all the yard pests that can damage your pet’s skin, fleas are frequently rampant in grasses, bushes, and shrubs. Fleas can lay over a thousand eggs at a time, so it can be difficult to get rid of them unless you find a pest control companies near me and have the yard sprayed for the blood-feasting pests. Fleas are known to hop the length of a football field without stopping, so make sure the entire yard is sprayed.


As a blood feeder, ticks have nothing good to offer your home, yard, or pets. If your pet regularly walks through tall grasses, dry brush, or fallen trees, check him or her over thoroughly by hand to feel for any bumps that could be an attached tick. Ticks are predators that wait in an innocent stage of development, but once they dine on a host’s blood, they can turn into deadly creatures with many diseases they are glad to pass on to their host. If you find ticks in your back yard, get help eliminating them right away. They can also be a danger to you and your children.


You may have heard for the tiny mites that cause a skin irritation in humans called scabies, but did you know your pets can pick up those same mites from the yard that irritate you? There are other types of mites that hang around your hard until they find a good spot to nest in your pets, too. This can include skin mites, ear mites, and tombiculosis. These tiny little arachnids are about the size of a period in this sentence, but they wreak havoc when they leave the plants and attack your pets.

Find a pest company and ask about spraying your yard early in the spring for best control. You can save your pet from pesky yard pests by attacking first.