Things to Consider Before Starting a Rooftop Garden

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The decision to plant a rooftop could simultaneously be the best or the worst decision in your life. One thing is for sure, it will change your life. Garden Club is an organization that is at the forefront of promoting the development of green spaces in cities around the world. They do garden planning for commercial and residential properties.

They work on the garden through the initial development and design stage to its ultimate completion. They are as thorough as they are competent. Garden Club also does creative landscaping work with exhilarating creativity. You will assuredly enjoy spending time on a Garden club rooftop garden but first you have several things to consider:

Building Regulations

Building restriction and zoning laws are very restrictive particularly in cities. You will have to check with the appropriate authorities to see what activities are allowed on your building’s roof. You can petition the city for permission to start a rooftop garden as a special case if there are restrictions.

You also need to ensure that the structure allows for a rooftop garden. It should be able to handle the weight of the soil you will need to plant, the plant themselves and the necessary tools to maintain the garden. You may have to hire an expert to determine if the roof is worthy to put in a garden.

Roof Access

One of the most important factors in planting a rooftop garden is if the roof is accessible. There will be a lot to move in and out of the roof if you decide to start a garden. It would not make sense to move buckets of soil to the roof through your elevator or up the stairs.

You also need to consider how you may access the rooftop in case of emergencies. It may be odd to think of anything in your garden being an emergency but fires and strong winds will require your garden to have alternative exit paths.


You cannot talk about gardening without talking about water. Water is to your garden what blood is to your body, none can exist without the other. The method of watering your plants will be a major decision to make. If the building roof has access to a water supply, a hose is one choice.

You can also decide to step a system of drip irrigation that you can automatically turn off and on if you cannot regularly visit your garden. In case of a water shortage, you should have access to stored water reservoirs to ensure your garden stays in good shape.


There is much equipment needed for gardening. Luckily you do not need trucks and large machines to spray chemicals as in a farm. However, you will need buckets, fertilizer and hand held tools that will need to be properly stored for proper maintenance of your garden.

The best tools will serve for a long time. Their longevity is tied to how well they are maintained. You may also harvest food from your garden and it will require refrigerated storage which is something you will need to consider.