3 Benefits of a Water Softener

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Everyone knows the importance of drinking clean water; however, what about the water that we use for bathing and cleaning? Water softeners have been around for a long time and there are those individuals who can’t live without one. Here are three benefits of a water softener system that all people can appreciate.

1. Protect Your Plumbing System

Hard water causes calcium deposits, or scale, that is commonly seen around faucets and pipes. This crusty white substance is difficult to remove and can create problems in your overall plumbing system. Plumbing services Geneva IL have water softeners that decrease scale accumulation. Over the years, a water softener will protect your plumbing system by keeping the water flowing better and preventing clogs. The total wear-and-tear on your pipes will be greatly reduced by having soft water.

2. Use Less Soaps and Detergents

Another benefit that homeowners will enjoy is the ability to use less soap and detergent. Because soft water is slippery, you’ll likely notice that you’re able to use less soap when you wash your hands. You’ll also be able to use less laundry and dish detergent because soft water lathers up better than hard water. Even though a water softener costs money initially, you’ll be saving money on soap and detergent over many years.

3. Save Time Cleaning

Scale buildup is not only unattractive, it’s harsh on your appliances and plumbing fixtures. You may have noticed the white crusty substance collecting under your faucets and around your sinks. Scale is difficult to clean and requires harsh scrubbing and chemicals. By installing a water softener, your cleaning time will be reduced.

There are many benefits of installing a water softener in your home. Professional plumbing companies offer a variety of water softeners; therefore, it’s helpful to do some research to find out what type and size are right for your home.