Essential Maintenance for Outside Your Home

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When you own your home, you want to make sure it has great curb appeal and maintains its value. One important piece of your home’s value is its outdoor maintenance. Here are four important services to keep your house looking great from the curb.


If you have a paved driveway you definitely want to invest in regular pavement sealcoating Pittsburgh PA. Pavement sealcoating protects your pavement from the elements and oxidization which can ruin the look and integrity of the surface. The pavement will have a beautiful smooth black finish once sealed which will aesthetically provide beauty to your home.  

Power Washing

With the outside of your house and your deck constantly exposed to the elements, your exterior walls and deck will quickly become dirty and caked up with grime and other residual materials. One important way to clean your exterior walls and deck is to invest in a power washer or hire a power washing company to thoroughly clean your walls and deck. It is imperative you find a service or machine that will clean everything without damaging the materials.

Gutter Cleaning

While your home’s gutters may not be visible, the importance of keeping them cleaned out at least twice yearly is imperative for the overall health and maintenance of your entire home. Clean gutters keep the roof from rotting, keep pests from nesting in the gutters, avoid damage to the fascia, and prevent cracks in the foundation from pooling water.  

Hedge and Tree Trimming

Examine your shrubs, bushes, and trees for dead branches and trim them. Shape your bushes and shrubs so they do not have any extra long branches. Considering hiring an arborist to examine your trees to look for any early signs of decay or disease which can help prevent the need for complete removal later.