Common Right-of-Way Mistakes

Believe it or not, every road in the U.S. was surveyed and engineered before being finished to evaluate traffic flow and determine what sorts of regulatory signs would be necessary to help people move through safely and efficiently. While the concept of “who has the right-of-way” is covered heavily in drivers’ education courses, several common areas of confusion persist. Here are three of those scenarios, and the proper legal direction for each.

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Yield Vs. Stop

Generally, people understand the concept of a stop sign. These regulatory signs have a clear, universal design. For whatever reason, though, many drivers are less clear about yield signs. Some think they require a full stop, others think they just mean to slow down. A yield sign is often placed where a lane of traffic is about to merge into another, usually from the right to the left. It is basically a caution to check …

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Hiring a Cleaning Service in Your Area

Cleaning your house can be a daunting task, but for jobs that are too big or time consuming, a cleaning service may just be the way to go. If you haven’t used one before, here’s some advice to pick one that best suits your standards of cleanliness.

See If They Bring Cleaning Materials

While a number of cleaning services do bring their own supplies, others may ask that you have everything available for them when they arrive. Check the policy for the cleaning service you have your eye on, either by visiting their web site or by asking over the phone. If the service requests to use your materials, gather them together in an easily accessible place before the cleaners arrive.

Make Sure They Service Your Area

It may seem like an obvious precaution, but not always— if a cleaning service claims to serve the “DMV” (the famous nickname for …

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What to Know About Moving Into Your First Apartment

Living on your own for the first time is an exciting experience. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges. As you settle into your new place, knowing what to expect can make it easier to adjust to your new surroundings and lifestyle. Here are some key points to keep in mind if you’re just moving into your first apartment.

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Plan Out Your Budget

If you want to be fully independent of your parents, you’ll need to set up and stick to a budget. Be sure to include all of your daily and monthly expenses so that you can get a clear idea of your financial goals and what adjustments you need to make to achieve them. Not only does a budget help you stay organized, but it also allows you to be more intentional about the way you choose to spend and save your money.

Make it

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Hydrant Testing Protects Homeowners

The list of preventative measures a homeowner can take to assure the safety of people and property is lengthy, often times obvious and less costly than making repairs or amends after a mishap. Some jobs can be done independently while annual checkups of the furnace, air conditioning and other household mechanicals might best be left to the professionals.

Other tasks are out of your hands entirely and perhaps not even on your property but are likewise important. Take for instance the need for a periodic automated fire flow test on water hydrants near your home. Hydrants not in proper working order can hinder firefighters and cause small fires to turn into life-threatening and costly infernos.

Preventative Measures Save Lives, Property

The National Fire Protection Association standards call for all hydrants to be tested and inspected annually. They are also to be put through an automated fire flow test at least …

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